Our story

With these richly coloured luxury silk scarves, the artist behind Yogy Rama, Yogi, daringly breaks boundaries with her imagination. Yogi combines her rich family history and ancient art to create fresh and contemporary patterns.

Inspired by her Himalayan roots, Yogi hand designs the vibrant and richly coloured scarves from the memories of growing up in the Himalayas, its nature, culture and people. The colours in her designs reflect the flowers, birds and mountains in the Himalayan valley.

Yogi hand designs Yogy Rama luxury scarves in London using an ancient art, 2,500-year-old, technique called Madhubani. Yogi's love of art is passed down through generations, she learnt the himalayan art forms from her mother, Rama. Rama is the foundation of the brand Yogy Rama. Yogi's mother, Rama, was a very creative himalayan folk artist.

True beauty cannot be rushed. Yogi's each unique design, perfected in a nearly month-long hand designing process, are digitally printed onto a pure silk fabric and lovingly hand-rolled.

The Collection

Yogy Rama Himalaya collection of hand drawn luxury silk scarves is unique and exquisite. Yogy Rama luxury silk scarves are hand designed in London using an ancient art, 2,500-year-old, technique called Madhubani. Inspired by the Himalayan valley, the vibrant colours reflects the flowers, the mountains and the culture of Himalayas.

The each richly coloured Yogy Rama silk scarf is an original work of fine art. The fresh and contemporary patterns are extremely rare and breaks boundaries of imagination. In nearly month-long process for each design, the Yogy Rama hand designs are printed onto the rich silk twill fabric before each scarf is individually crafted and lovingly finished by hand.