Each one-off YOGYRAMA design has a story of artist Yogi Joshi's childhood memories of the Himalayas. Yogi's work was hosted by the High commission's cultural wing in the presence of Lord Megnad Desai and Lord Bhikhu Parekh, honouring the hand drawn ancient art. YOGYRAMA adorn Beverly Hill's luxury homes.

YOGYRAMA has been on actress Joanna Lumley, Oscar nominated Juliette Lewis and Supermodel Lindsey Wixson. 

Joanna Lumley wore her favourite scarves on "Joanna Lumley's Japan" ITV

Supermodel Lindsey Wixson in YOGYRAMA "Himalayan Nath" silk scarf
Oscar nominated actress Juliette Lewis in "Girl with Braids" silk scarf

Rama is the foundation of YOGYRAMA; Yogi's love of art is passed down through generations, she learned art from her mother, Rama. Yogi uses ancient art from the foot of the Himalayas to create richly coloured luxury silk scarves. YOGYRAMA scarves are lovingly hand finished by artisans.