An original work of fine art, YOGYRAMA reflects exquisiteness like never before. YOGYRAMA silk scarf designs are hand drawn by the Himalayan artist, Yogi Joshi, using an ancient art.  

YOGYRAMA has been worn by actress Joanna Lumley, Oscar nominated Juliette Lewis and Supermodel Lindsey Wixson. Actress Joanna Lumley wore her favourite YOGYRAMA scarves on "Joanna Lumley's Japan" on ITV. Yogi uses ancient art from the foot of the Himalayas and her civil engineering background to create patterns arranged in different kinds of symmetry. These vibrant designs are printed onto a rich silk fabric where each scarf is individually created and lovingly finished by artisans.

Each scarf is a story with unique color arrangements. With each individual composition, scarf's look changes depending on how the wearer chooses to style it.

YOGYRAMA Art Exhibition Himalayan Memoirs in Mayfair London